Transport Europa -> Thailand

Parcel service from Germany to Thailand

We are offering an attractive Premium Service for your packages up to 30 kg. The maximum size authorized per parcel is 115 cm x 55 cm x 55 cm. Additionally, length and girth combined must not exceed 290 cm (combined length and girth = circumference + length).

>> To calculate the combined length and girth, please click here

Price per parcel: 58,00 €

Additional fees for bulky goods (max. Length 145 cm, length and girth combined not exceeding 290 cm): + 37,00 €

Please note: Packages whose dimensions exceed the above mentioned measurements will be returned to the sender. The transport fees are not reimbursed in that case.

Please note: Do not send Products which are considered dangerous by transport legislation.
Detailed information can be found here: Information sheet for dangerous goods

Average delivery time is 10 working days, provided that the Thai custom office doesn`t process the parcel. In case the Thai Customs process the parcel, it may happen that it takes up to 24 additional days to arrive. Regrettably it is like that, but we know from experience that only about 5 % of our parcels are processed by customs.

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Parcel service from Europe to Thailand

In this case the parcels are first brought to Germany and then forwarded from Germany to Thailand with the above mentioned Parcel Service. 

Additional costs for transporting the parcels in a first step to Germany:

from Price (plus VAT)
Belgium 11,00 €
Bulgaria 16,00 €
Denmark 11,00 €
Estonia 14,00 €
Finnland 12,00 €
France 13,00 €
Great Britain 12,00 €
Ireland 19,00 €
Italia 15,00 €
Latvia 16,00 €
Lithuania 18,00 €
Luxembourg 11,00 €
Netherlands 11,00 €
Poland 11,00 €
Roumania 16,00 €
Slowakia 12,00 €
Slowenia 12,00 €
Spain 12,00 €
Switzerland 15,00 €
Czech Republic 11,00 €
Hungary 11,00 €
Zyprus 12,00 €
Austria 11,00 €

For sending parcels from other European countries please contact us in order to get the price.


How to prepare your shipment

Please let us know the following details per e-mail:

  • address of the sender
  • addressee (written in Latin alphabet exactly like it should appear on the parcel)
  • the dimensions of the parcel in cm
  • the weight of the parcel in kg
  • a rough description of the content
  • the value of the parcel (not exceeding 500,00 €)
  • desired method of payment (Paypal or bank transfer to our Thai or German account)

>> Here you can download the corresponding form


In case you wish to send more than one parcels, please enumerate each parcel and describe the content indicating its number.

After that you will receive our bank details or the Danach erhalten Sie die Überweisungsdaten oder eine Zahlungsaufforderung per PAYPAL.

Once we have received your payment, we will send you for each parcel a prepaid shipping label and a customs declaration form as PDF files.

The shipping labels have to be printed and sticked on the parcel(s).

Please insert the customs declaration in a clear plastic display pocket and affix it on the parcel(s).

After having prepared your parcel(s) in this way, you can deposit it (or them) in any post office or give it (or them) directly to your postman / postwoman. You will get a receipt where figures the shipping number which you should note and keep safe, because it will be indispensable to track your parcel(s). Once your parcel has arrived in the destination country, you will find a direct link to the web site of the Thai postal services (, together with an additional (local) tracking number. This local tracking number will allow you to track your parcel(s) within Thailand. You just have to insert the local tracking mumber in the designated field and afterwards you can click there with your mouse and move the appearing arrow to the right, and now the search of your parcel(s) begins.